...A home as beautiful and thrilling as the party or favorite club you just left. We know that living for each person holds different meanings. Some entertain constantly, others retreat to their home for solitude and solace from the hectic pace of their careers.


Well, we can think of a few reasons to work with our firm (impressive entertaining never hurt anyone, did it?), but did you ever think of it this way? Maybe if you lived somewhere as comfortable as your favorite club, you wouldn't have to go out every evening? Consider the savings and you're halfway to justifying your home project start. On top of that, many of our clients know what they like, they just have trouble pulling it all together. That's what our firm prides itself in doing, pulling your favorite things together and working to create a curated new and exciting feel that fits your lifestyle. Surprisingly inexpensive, compared to going out every evening spending money that you will never get back rather than actual investment in your own personal space.   


Often times young first time buyers start with a condo that weighs in at 850-1200 sq. feet, they spend as little time there as humanly possible because they feel not much can be done with such small space. This couldn't be further from the truth, we can create an amazing space that will not only allow you to actually live in your space but entertain close friends in comfort, and you might be surprised at how impressed they will be with your style.   


So, if you're ready to get serious about being here for a while (or forever), consider getting with one of our designers to create your new style. You can't find a better design firm as a partner than at jkiinternational, LLC.

The Best Thing to Come Home to Is...